Thursday, 28 August 2008

Radio park histories

Thanks to Alex from the Forum and Peter from the Friends of Coppice Park I was alerted to a 15 minute radio programme on Monday about Derby Arboretum. Peter sent me the web link: (typing 'Radio 4 Parkmasters' into Google is quicker).

This enabled me to click and listen to the programme, which is the first in a series of five programmes on Radio 4. If you miss them live, don't despair, because they are all repeats from a short series called Parkmasters, which was first broadcast in January / February 2007. To find them, simply type 'Radio 4 Parkmasters' into Google and you are taken

All five programes are presented by the historian, Tristram Hunt and feature the following 'Parkmasters':
John Loudon and Derby Arboretum.
Joseph Paxton and Birkenhead Park.
James Pennethorne and Victoria Park, London.
William Barron and West Park, Macclesfield.
Edward Milner and Lincoln Arboretum.

I have now listened to three of them online and what wonderful little programmes they are. Perhaps Radio Nottingham can be persuaded to do something similar for Nottingham parks?

So, thanks Peter, thanks Alex. I just hope this little posting will encourage a few others to go and listen.

OK, there has to be a picture, so here is one I took last Sunday of a bowling green in the heart of Lenton I had never seen before. Already, it's become a question I ask people. Do you know where it is?

More than 70 people were feared to have died in the sea south of Malta in one of the worst disasters involving clandestine migrants in the Mediterranean.

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