Friday, 29 August 2008

Not what it seems

Although Lenton Recreation Ground doesn't feature in as many postings as it used to, it remains very central to the way I live. It is what I see when I draw the bedroom blinds in the morning and the last thing I see when I put the milk bottles out. In between, I see the park from our living room and I visit it every day. Sometimes I just walk through the park, although as often as not I will see someone I know and stop for a chat. Other days, like today, it's simply for a wander.

For some reason, the fallen leaves caught my attention and I thought that autumn had arrived early. For a moment I was confused (normally it's me that does the confusing with my half uttered sentences and use of wrong words). Then I realised that leaves fall from the trees, even at the height of summer, during dry spells and the wind blows others off. We'll know when autumn has arrived because the leaves will cover the ground like a carpet.

On my walk I saw Dave and heard him curse. In his hand was the plastic binding used to hold four cans together. 'How I hate these things. Last week I found a dead hedgehog, which had starved to death because one of these got caught around its neck'. It was a possibility which had never occurred to me, but the moment Dave began to tell me I was ahead of him and knew instantly that this was a problem which could easily be solved. The trouble is all too many of us buy things wrapped in needless packaging. Nor do we have politicians willing to take on corporate business. It really would be easy to place a 10p deposit on every drinks can or bottle sold and to make shops responsible for refunding deposits and recycling. Those who still dropped their rubbish would lose 10p in the processs and the money would go to either enterprising individuals or local councils to help with their recycling costs.

A few weeks ago we watched Bill Bryson on Panorama argue cogently for local and central government to use their existing powers to make the polluter pay and, yes, for a deposit on returnables. The trouble is that our national and local leaders are so obsessed with 'the big picture' that they forget the detail — the very thing that matters most to those of us who live in the real world.

Cuba is to charge a punk rocker today with "social dangerousness" because his songs denounce and deride the communist government. Gorki Aguila, lead singer of Porno para Ricardo, faces up to four years in prison for openly defying the revolution and scorning Fidel and Raul Castro as "geriatrics".

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Rosie said...

I was reading this post over Paul's shoulder this morning and when we read your last sentance we both said 'yes, indeed' at the same time. How we agree with those words!
Have a great weekend,