Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A new face and new views

I would like to introduce you to Andy. He has recently joined Dave in Lenton Recreation Ground to do the afternoon and evening shift Monday to Wednesday. Simon, who has moved onto greater things, is still covering Thursday and Friday. At the weekends we still have Kevin in the park.

When Andy isn't working in our park, he is based in Wollaton Park. Andy is a summer worker, so he's not sure what he will be doing when his contract comes to an end, but he has told me that he would like to train as a gardener and has really enjoyed working at Wollaton Park and with Dave. Let's hope the gods look kindly on Andy and the Parks Dept realises what a talent it has and keeps Andy on, if that is what he would like. In the meantime Andy, welcome to Lenton.

Earlier today (Wednesday), I went out with a young journalist from Radio Nottingham called Hannah to do an interview on 'Lenton Bridges' for a summer series their Breakfast Show is doing about 'Nottinghamshire Bridges'. It is something I will return to in a later blog. For now I just want to share with you a couple of photographs I took from Abbey Bridge, looking down on Hungerton Street (above) and Broadholme Street (below).

I have walked along Hungerton Street on countless occasions, but it wasn't until earlier today when I viewed it from Abbey Bridge that I realised what a fine terrace of houses it was. As for the Broadholme Street terrace I don't think I had ever notice them before today, much to my shame! They are a real gem. I just hope that the quality of these two terraces has been noticed by the planners working on the management appraisal for the New Lenton Conservation Area and that they will be recommending an extension to the CA so that they can be included.

The United Nations have published a map showing that the Taliban are now a threat to security in more areas of Afghanistan
in 2008 than they were in 2005.

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