Friday, 15 August 2008

Happy Long Eaton mums

I caught sight of these two ladies whilst having lunch today. There they were, sitting at a table in the middle of the park. It was too good a picture to miss, so I quickly went into the park and told them about my blog. They told me that they had come from Long Eaton. The lady on the right passes Lenton Recreation Ground to and from work. 'It's a lovely looking park , so I thought it would be a nice place to bring the children'. At that moment five or six children came running over from the playground, then having sated their curiosity by asking me who I was and what I was doing, they dashed back as fast as they had come.

Placing this picture I have just realised that I missed a great opportunity to create a Jack Vettriano style picture. I should have asked them to move the bags and taken a picture of them surrounded by nothing but grass and, perhaps, a garden umbrella. They would have thought me mad. Perhaps, with Susan's help I can create the picture I enviage in PhotoShop. In the meantime, just look at the picture and imagine it is you, soaking up the sun in the middle of Lenton Recreation Ground on one of the best summer days we have so far had. It feels good, eh?

Edinburgh zoo penguin and Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian King's Guard Nils Olav inspected his regiment in Edinburgh today, where he was given a medal by the Norwegian king.

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