Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bins and Green Flag magic

Dave holding up Lenton Recreation Ground's fourth Green Flag Award earlier today when it was formally flown for the first time. Dave has achieved great things in the park and has proved himself to be a real wizard — as this picture shows!

The official flag raising coincided with a meeting of the Lenton Recreation Ground Consultative Group, who were on hand to cheer Dave as he made ready to hoist the flag aloft. I decided to snap the snappers taking pics for Nottingham City Council and the local media.

Afterwards the members of the Consultative Group went back to their deliberations in the park's pavilion and Dave set about doing running repairs to the lawnmower he uses to keep the grass on the two bowling greens trimmed.

One of the items discussed in the meeting was the installation of new litter bins. When Martin Harris, the Parks Development Officer, told us the park had new rubbish bins I asked him where they were, as I hadn't seen them. After the meeting I asked Dave about the new bins and he said, 'Robert, they been in since March!'. You could have knocked me down with a feather. As I walked around the park with my friend Judith I still couldn't see any new bins. Judith then said 'There's one… and another'. Within a few seconds she had scanned the park and counted seven. 'There must be one more somewhere. Seven is an odd number'. She was right. As we walked passed the children's playground, there was the eighth.

My picture above shows the new bin on the left and the old bin on the right. As you can see, the new bin is a great improvement on the old one and passes my 'pizza box test'. I moaned about the old bins in the blog I posted on 8 March 2007, so it's only right that I should sing the praises of the new bins now that they are in place. They are unobtrusive and blend in with the parkscape much better than the old bin. I understand there are still some more new bins to be delivered and put in place. A seemingly simple change to the park, but one which makes a real difference to how the park looks and feels.

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