Tuesday, 22 July 2008

News from another Nottingham park

Coppice Park is to the north of St Ann's and Hungerhill Gardens and Nottingham City Centre. Its eastern boundary runs along Ransom Road, where there is an entrance. In the park there is a roundabout and some swings for the kids and plenty of space to play ball, walk dogs, fly kites or simply take the air. Over the last few years the park had been made more secure with new railings, anti motor bike gates and bollards.

When Ransom Road was known as Coppice New Road (back in the 1890s), it was because of the local coppice and woods, part of a spread of green space which included Gorsey Close Gardens and the Allotments. Many people still use the gardens, the allotments – said to be the oldest in the country – which are undergoing something of a renaissance and now, thanks to the Friends of Coppice Park, local people are working together to get the coppice better known and more widely used.
In recent months, teams of volunteers have been working with Nottingham City Council park rangers to plant saplings, tidy up, prune and trim, put up bat boxes and generally spruce up the Park – and they have plans for many more improvements in the coming months and years.

The Friends have ambitious plans for more play areas and equipment, including (hopefully) something called a MUGA – a Multi-Use Games Apparatus – so if it comes off there will be a real and valuable addition to the local play space. Some tree and brush thinning was carried out last year and this year we hope to be introducing some native species of trees, shrubs and bulbs (who knows, maybe even some anemones!).

The work of the Friends of Coppice Park is being done within the City Council’s ‘Breathing Spaces’ initiative and one of the key aims is to encourage more community groups to take advantage of the large local open space for play, organised activities and (when the weather is right) picnics and open-air events.

Volunteers meet to trim and tidy up the Park on the second Saturday of each month. Occasional helpers from anywhere are more than welcome, so please come along. We meet at the Ransom Road Coppice Park entrance between 11am and 2pm

If you want to know more about Coppice Park, or if you would like to join the Friends of Coppice Park and help with the important work of getting the Park better known, better equipped and better used, please contact:

Karen and Jed Fyles, tel: 0115 953 7783, email: karenhfyles@yahoo.co.uk.
There is a weblink to Friends of Coppice Park in the the column to the right.

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