Friday, 4 July 2008

At a distance and an invitation

On Wednesday, I spotted a couple through the railings and the gate which leads onto the terraced part of Devonshire Promenade. I saw them at a distance. Deeply engrossed in their conversation. When the woman was making her point she leant across the man and made an exaggerated movement backwards when he spoke. It was theatre of a sorts, perhaps for them also. From where I was I could not see their faces clearly or have the remotest idea of what they were saying to one another. They didn't appear to be arguing and as I walked away with my picture I saw the man put a mobile 'phone to his ear as she continued to talk.

This morning on the radio I heard an actor reminiscing about the method acting director Lee Strasburg, who asked an actor to imagine it was raining as she spoke her lines and, after several attempts on her part, he bellowed "I want to hear it raining". I feel it was a bit like that with my couple in Lenton Recreation Ground. It's all in the imagination. I made it happen. Can you?

After the heavy rain yesterday afternoon (Thursday), the park was empty apart from me and Dave walking across the park with his hoe across his shoulder.

Flattened by the heavy rain, these flowering shrubs lay across the path around the bowling green. Sad to say there was no scent to accompany the image.

Parbinder Singh from Nottingham City Council's Area 8 Management Team sent me this picture of two works of public art which have designed and created with the help of children attending the soon to be closed Lenton Primary School. Earlier this year Groundwork Greater Nottingham worked with children from the school to design these two panels, and two on the other side of the bridge, from the drawings which the children produced.

On Monday 14 July 2008 at 2.30pm, children from Lenton Primary School
will be visiting Grove Road to see their works of art and would like to extend a warm invitation to everyone in the local area to come along. I will make sure I go along and post a more detailed blog entry afterwards. Why don't you come along as well?

Motorists are facing further pain after a warning yesterday that the latest surge in crude oil prices to record highs could add another 20p to a litre at the pumps within weeks.Lento

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