Thursday, 12 June 2008

Space, holes and fantasy

Another bowls match on Monday and once again cars found their way into the park, despite the fact that there were plenty of parking spaces on Church Street and in the pocket park. On this occasion there were only three cars, but the park was full to overflowing, so these three young visitors have found a space between the cars. They also pointed out to me that it was also one of the few spots in the park where they could be in the shade. None of the cars could leave the park without other users having to move.

On a lighter note, I noticed this short cut in the park for the first time today. It's a bit big to have been made by foxes. Perhaps it has something to do with rabbits and Alice in Wonderland?

Then, a few steps further on and I met these two people in Lenton Recreation Ground for the first time. Can you see them? I think they are a couple, a man and a woman. If you look closely I am sure you can tell them apart. Nearly thirty years of walking around the park and I cannot remember what they looked like before I starting taking pictures last year and it is only now that I see them for what they are — tree people. There may be more, but I have yet to see them. I will start looking tomorrow.

'This Sunday is the anniversary of Magna Carta, a document that guarantees the fundamental element of British freedom, habeas corpus. The right not to be imprisoned by the state without charge or reason. But yesterday this house allowed the state to lock up potentially innocent citizens for up to six weeks without charge'. Part of David Davis's resignation speech today when he resigned as an MP in protest against the government's continuing assault on individual rights.

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The Dutchess said...

Hello Robbert,nice to meet you,thank you for directing me your way.I find your blog very interesting,i wil be back to visit! And yes,I do see the tree people,did you find some more..?
Greets from Holland Warmly