Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A park summer Wednesday

Mid-day today in Lenton Recreation Ground from the front of our house.

The early arrivers are settling in for an afternoon in the park. Already the day has a lazy feel to it.

Round by the bowling greens, the first of the West End bowlers to arrive for this afternoon's 'roll up' get their bowls out and set up the ends. Life in the slow lane doesn't get much better than this if you live in Lenton and enjoy a game of bowls.

Dave is about to start re-planting the border between the bowling greens and Church Street. The plants remind me of strawberry plants. There is already a fig tree in the park, so why not plant a few things we can eat in the park?

I really like this kind of a day. It feels slow and as you walk you can feel your body parting the air in front of you. It's not humid, but it is a little warmer than pleasant. The playground is deserted, but there are students with computers and food sitting at a couple of the picnic tables and there is a circle of young women deep in conversation.

As I get close to the bowling greens I notice that the one which has been suffering from bare patches and Dave and Simon have been nursing for some time now looks much better than it has in months. I suspect that all the recent heavy rain has helped the green in question to recover. I honestly did not think the green could be saved without some re-turfing, but Dave, Simon and the rain have worked a miracle.

Even on days like today the bowlers turn up and make ready for an afternoon of banter and simple pleasure, whilst a little further on Dave has just arrived with a trolleyful of bedding plants. He is happy in his work and smiles even before he begins work on the border. In the words of that song that BBC-TV used to use, today was a 'Perfect Day' in the park. They don't get much better than this.

Barack Obama has made history by beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and becoming the first African-American with a viable chance of winning the White House.

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