Saturday, 7 June 2008

Lenton Yuans — literally

I know a chap who makes a habit of finding money on the pavements and in the gutters around Lenton. There are 'hot spots' where unfortunate souls lose money. It probably falls from their pockets without them realising it. I know the most likely locations in Lenton and suspect that there is money to be made from this knowledge. Recently my contact found some Chinese Yuans. Just to prove that this is no tall Lenton tale, I have borrowed some from him and copied them, so you can see what Chinese money looks like.

So, when you walk around Lenton, keep your eyes open and you might just find some of the money which is left lying around! As for me, I've found the odd coin, but never a note. Perhaps I should get up early in the morning and start looking in those secret places — and that's the only clue I'm giving you as to where you can, literally, pick up money in Lenton.

Three British divers who were swept away with two other Europeans during a dive off Indonesia have been found safe after managing to swim to a remote beach on an island 25 miles away. The 36-hour ordeal saw them carried to the neighbouring island by strong currents while they waited for their dive boat to return.

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