Thursday, 1 May 2008

Unexpected park surprises

There are more bluebells in the park this year with a hint that there are still more to come. They are my favourite flower and always have been since I was a child.

Mr and Mrs Ferdi.

A splash of colour in the bowling green border

The footpath beside Devonshire Promenade is enveloped in blossom.

Waiting for the ball.

The footballing dog gets stuck in the ivy.

Within minutes of leaving home last week as we undertook our mad dash to Eastbourne I lost part of a tooth which then rubbed against my tongue until I saw my dentist yesterday morning. The only relief coming from a mixture of chewing gum and a filling compound I bought in Boots. On my way home from the dentist I went for a walk around the park and met with our near neighbours, Mr and Mrs Ferdi. They have lived in Lenton for a lot longer than us and are very much part of the local community. We always stop and have a chat when we see one another and I am, on reflection, surprised that it took me this long to take a picture of them.

On our last walk around the park Susan commented on the lovely border beside the bowling green on the Church Street side. If only this was 'smell-a-blog' as well, as I think if I had to choose between seeing or smelling the border, I would go for the latter. Another part of Lenton Recreation Ground heavy with scent at the moment is the footpath which runs alongside Devonshire Promenade. There are little pockets of bluebells around the park this year with a hint that the dense planting by the dunking area may actually flower this year. There are green shoots carpeting the area.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to some visitors from West Bridgford, who were driving past the park with their top dog when they decided to call in for a quick game of footie. Yes folks, these are the footie dogs, waiting for the ball so that they can push it around the park at breakneck speed — so fast in fact that my little old digital camera can only capture a blur, so I had to wait until the dogs and the ball were standing still. Luckily for me the football got tangled in the ivy and I was able to get the above picture. The top dog told me that the one with a ball started chasing footballs from a very early age and would run off with other people's balls. In the end she got the dogs their own football.

Meeting the Ferdis was a pleasant surprise, but meeting the footie dogs was totally unexpected. I hope they come again. They were fun to watch.

A leading plastic surgeon today dismissed claims that a powder made from a pig's bladder caused the regrowth of a man's fingertip. Professor Simon Kay, professor of hand surgery at the University of Leeds, said the claims by the US company that developed the powder were "junk science".

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Rosie said...

Ah, footballing dogs - very sweet:) Hope your tooth is better now - not liking the words 'mad dash to Eastbourne' - hope all is well?

Your blog gets better and better each time I visit - so much of interest and inspiration. I was so moved by Alan Brigham's writing in the last post, too.