Friday, 2 May 2008

A little sun is all you need…

A sunny Friday afternoon and the weekend is already beginning in Lenton Recreation Ground.
As always some lads are playing footie and one of our next door neighbours has put the ball in the net. What you can't see are the girls on the dunking area and that the swings are busy. Others are sitting around the bowling greens.

… to make Lenton Recreation Ground feel like the centre of the universe where everyone is in a world of their own. A few yards away and unnoticed by those in the park, the traffic on the Derby Road is at a standstill. It's 5pm and the pre-bank holiday rush has been under way for a few hours now. In the park people sit around in groups, parents and kids walk to and from the swings, the lads play footie and some sit around the bowling green. Me, well I'm in the park for the third time today, each time making it part of my journey to and from the shops and on this trip I have the camera with me — hence the pics. If only all the world could be like this, but it isn't!

Three things have made me angry today: my doctor telling me that the Derby Road Health Centre will almost certainly go out to competitive tender as part of NHS plans to make the NHS 'more efficient' and that the process will favour commercial contractors over the existing doctors' partnership; then I saw the courier who delivers and collects mail order parcels from our house. Her present employer has lost the contract and the new provider has cut her pay from 75p to 50p per delivery and reduced the size of her delivery area and lastly l feel angry for all those good Labour Party councillors and activists all over the country who have lost their council seats because of Gordon Brown and New Labour's right-wing anti-working class policies as he continues to brown nose the better off and corporate business. I will return to the fate of Derby Road Health Centre and New Labour's relentless determination to privatise the NHS by stealth before too long.

For a few brief minutes I found refuge from my anger in the park and over lunch with Susan and a friend and when I was in the garden with Chris, my next door neighbour. At times I wish I could disengage from the outside world.

Labour faced further embarrassment today as it confirmed the newly elected party general secretary has quit. The decision by David Pitt-Watson to stand down before he started in his new post is a further blow to Labour amid the party's worst set of local election results for decades. Pitt-Watson was elected general secretary by the national executive in March, following an intense battle and lobbying by Downing Street in his favour (this news item tells all you need to know about Gordon Brown and his cronies – RH).

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