Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Lenton week in pics

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday the lads next door couldn't find space in the park for their usual game of footie, so they decided to sun themselves and relax on the scaffolding around their home.

Lunchtime in the park for the staff and their visitors. What snatches of conversation I ever hear are always about some aspect of their work. I suspect the leisurely exchange of information and a good gossip is far more effective than any formal meetings they might have.

Lunchtime on Wednesday outside the Crocus Café and customers enjoy the mid-day sun which warms the Church Square pavement. It's full inside. I know, because I've just come out with some take home food for Susan and me. I understand that they are thinking of expanding in the empty shop next door. Perhaps they could open a summer branch in the Lenton Recreation Ground pavilion and call it 'Crocus in the Park'. They could take pre-prepared food to the park. I'm sure it would be successful and help bring more visitors to the park.

Angela runs Lorna's the Florist on Lenton Boulevard. Her mum started the business nearly sixty years ago and I'm old enough to remember Angela as a schoolgirl helping her mum, Lorna, in the shop. Angela is the best florist I know, who does fantastic bouquets and arrangements for all occasions (tel: 0115 9786462). She also sells fruit and veg and eggs and party balloons etc.

Labour MPs across the land may yet come to rue the day they allowed the government to privatise postal services and begin a nationwide campaign of closing local post offices. Make no mistake the blame for post office closures begins and ends with the present Labour government and, as a Labour Party member, it is something I hate having to say. As Lenton residents know all too well, the closure of the post office on Lenton Boulevard has caused us all no end of problems. For example we don't have any postboxes in Lenton like the one on the left in the picture above. They are all like the one on the right. Can you spot the difference? Well, it's the size of the opening. The one on the left can take A4 size packets and envelopes unfolded. The Post Office should not need telling about what is a common sense problem. I know several people who will not be voting Labour at the next general election, despite our local MP and Labour city council being against the post office closures.

In the early hours of this morning (Saturday) there was a loud explosion at the Henry Road end of Devonshire Promenade, which overlooks the park. A car was torched and completely destroyed. The car next to it was also damaged, as was the tree under which the car was parked. It woke most of the residents down that end of the Promenade and even the lads next door to us heard the bang. Not a good story or picture to end the week on, but it happened and cannot be ignored. Afterall, this blog is 'about life in and around Lenton Recreation Ground'.

The official death toll from China's deadliest earthquake in three decades rose to almost 29,000 today, as relief efforts at the epicentre were temporarily disrupted when thousands of people were evacuated amid fears of flooding.

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