Thursday, 15 May 2008

Issues of the day

Simon is smiling because he just re-opened the Lenton Recreation Ground Derby Road toilets this afternoon with the help of strong bleach and a broom at no cost to Nottingham City Council, except for a plumber to repair a leak, after they have been closed for several years. This has been an issue for ages and came up again at the last park Consultative Group meeting last week. Simon's has solved the problem with a few hours hard work and says he would rather keep these toilets clean and open so that fewer people have to use the toilets attached to the park pavilion.

A county ladies bowls match in progress between Nottinghamshire and Northumberland. Dave, our year round groundsperson, is from Blythe. I didn't ask him which team he was supporting.

The car parking issue simply won't go away. Because of the county bowls match there were sixteen cars parked on the park grass this afternoon…

…but there isn't a single car parked in the 'three hour' parking bays on Church Street. I'm sure if bowls players need longer, this can easily be arranged

…nor are there any cars parked in the Church Street Pocket Park, which could easily (and securely) hold all sixteen cars parked in the park this afternoon. In fact, by laying grass grids at the end of pocket park another twelve or more cars could use the pocket park.

This is not the first time that I have demonstrated the paucity of the arguments for allowing bowls match parking in the park, except in exceptional circumstances and as would be the case for any other big event in the park. I know that other park users comment when they see this kind of car parking and wonder why they can't park their cars in the park?

The death toll from China's earthquake could soar to 50,000 people, state television said today.

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