Saturday, 31 May 2008

A Highfields Park might have been

Searching through my papers for some information about my blog tomorrow on the Dunkirk Fire Station site and the proposal by a developer to build up to 550 units of student accommodation on the site I came across Nottingham Cuty Council's 'Open Space Strategy' consultation leaflet from 1994. It contained the above drawing of what a Highfields Park might look like with the caption 'Improving our parks'. I think even the most neutral of observers will agree that what we got does not match the vision.

There is much in the 1994 'Open Space Strategy' which is still relevant. For example it envisaged 'A network of accessible, usable and safe places, linked by boulevards and green corridors providing a range of quality facilities, spaces of high landscape and wildlife value and 'green lungs' to combat pollution and stress'. The consultation leaflet includes an A2 size colour map showing all the parks and open spaces in Nottingham. If only a map of similar quality and simplicity had been available to the last meeting of the Nottingham Open Space Forum (NOSF). I will remind the Parks Department about the map and ask them if they can produce an updated version for 2008.

David Beckham has been named England captain for Sunday's friendly against Trinidad and Tobago. Beckham, who resigned the captaincy following England's exit from the 2006 World Cup, has been rewarded with the armband by manager Fabio Capello following his recent return to form and fitness.

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