Monday, 5 May 2008

636 steps make all the difference

May Day Bank Holiday Monday in Lenton Recreation Ground…

…and there are plenty of folk soaking up the afternoon sun.

636 steps away and it's a different scene in Radford Park…

…where a few people have it all to themselves.

Radford and Lenton recreation grounds are less than ½km apart. Both are on main roads, although the former is hidden from the Ilkeston Road by shops and houses, whilst the latter directly fronts onto the Derby Road. One is busy and the other very quiet in comparison. However I have to say that I saw more people in Radford's park this afternoon than I have ever seen in the park before. So, why the difference?

As I have said before I think the problem is one of 'security'. Lenton is a very open park and Radford is a very enclosed park. In a previous blog I have suggested how this problem might be overcome by allowing housing to be built along the Ilkeston Road side of Radford Recreation Ground in exchange for old garage sites on Lenton Boulevard or llkeston Road. There is a problem as the pictures I have taken today so clearly demonstrate. There may be other solutions (like having full-time staff in both parks), but in the long term my proposal seems to be the most viable solution, although I will be happy to publicise alternative ideas in my blog.

Almost 4,000 people have died and another 3,000 are missing after a cyclone ripped across Burma, virtually flattening two towns and damaging more than 20,000 homes.

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