Sunday, 13 April 2008

Vaisakhi Sunday

People clamour around the float with the Holy Book.

Vaisakhi day participants are interviewed for local television news.

Just a step away from the celebrations, these lads sit outside their home beside the Gurdwara on Church Street catching the sun and reading the Sunday papers.

Just yards away from the Vaisakhi celebrations, Lenton Recreation Ground looks brilliant in the midday sun.

The copse beside Devonshire Promenade is the nearest the park comes to having a wood. Perhaps space could be found for another copse? I'm not sure where.

Vaisakhi has come and gone for another year. You have to be in the midst of the throng to feel the energy and to be dazzled by the rich colours. That this happens in Lenton and beside our park is a truly amazing thing. This is the England I love, where I can witness Vaisakhi, then turn and see two lads sitting outside their front door as if nothing was happening before taking three steps off Church Street into the park and another world.

Dawn Butler, only the third black woman ever to have become an MP, said she faced such frequent racism from politicians of all parties that she had to 'pick her battles' to avoid being constantly in conflict with her colleagues.

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