Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Saturday morning of change

Kevin's back for his 7th summer working weekends in the park.

Signs telling park users that the University of Nottingham are now the sponsors of Lenton Recreation Ground were put in place on Thursday.

The bowling greens this morning waiting for their first customers of the season. Given that it's a real April day today — heavy rain showers and brilliant sunshine have been leapfrogging one another this morning — the first players may wait for a better day. On Monday members of the West End Bowling Club will be coming along for sure and I will be with them, but I can't play until June because my left-foot is still healing after its bunion operation seven weeks ago.

The flag pole at Lenton's Gurdwara on Church Street beside the park is washed and purified by milk before it receives a new flag as part of the preparations for the Sikh Vaisakhi Festival tomorrow

Other members of the Gurdwara join in the washing of the flag pole in milk.

Having Kevin back with us for the summer is a good thing. It means the park is staffed every day and the toilets are open at the weekends. To those who are not park users this may seem a trivial observation, but a busy little park like Lenton Recreation Ground needs good, clean, modern toilets. There is talk of refurbishing the old toilet block on the Derby Road side of the park. If and when this happens, I hope they will install the kind of toilets you find at places like Rutland Water. They are made of stainless steel and there is a minimum of moving parts for vandals to trash. In the meantime the toilets attached to the Club House (I keep calling it the 'Pavilion' but the signs have always said 'Club House') are now open every day. Thanks Kev, it's nice to have you back.

In my last blog I included a picture of the arms which appear at the ends of a couple of very old cast iron benches. My friend Rosie offered a few ideas and my Susan used her hand-held Palm to have a wander round the web and found, which showed that the crowns and ragged cross are part of the City of Nottingham coat of arms. The entry on the web says 'the design is similar to the arms of Colchester, but there is no connection between the two places. It is probable that the ragged cross simply refers to the Forest of Sherwood'. Cologne in Germany also has the same symbols. So there you are, an answer to my question.

I just hope the weather is better tomorrow (Sunday) for the Vaisakhi procession around Nottingham's sikh temples, which starts from Church Street.

Deploying troops on military operations without adequate equipment could breach their human rights, the high court ruled yesterday in a groundbreaking judgment which has widespread implications for defence chiefs and opens the door to potentially huge claims for compensation.

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