Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A bubble and a question of arms

A coat of arms with three crowns and a cross. Whose coat of arms are they?

The Magnolia tree in full bloom lights up the park — even in bright sunshine!

A view of Lenton Recreation Ground from Church Grove showing a new bed. I wonder what Dave, our groundsperson, is going to plant?

A runner in the park seen from the Derby Road. Behind me, the traffic is at a standstill, even the buses have stopped in the bus lane, such is the volume of traffic this evening. The runner in the park could be a million miles away.

Three lads play a game of football, oblivious to the noise and traffic on the Derby Road this evening. They, and the runner in the above picture, have Lenton Recreation Ground to themselves. Today, I am on onlooker from the Derby Road.

Have you ever watched a science fiction film portraying a far away planet or Earth at the end of its days, when what life there is lives inside a bubble of sorts? Well, that is how Lenton Recreation Ground seems to me at times. Sometimes I am inside the bubble. This evening I was outside looking in, jealous of its four inhabitants as my journey took me away from the park. The noise from the traffic along Derby Road made me wonder how many of the pedestrians who passed me by realised that one step through the park gates and they could escape to a different world?

Life is full of diversions, but few, if any, can rival a park for so many reasons. The quiet, the smell of blossom or, today, the Hyacinths that Dave replanted last year in the Derby Road border and the scent which drifted across me as I walked along the Derby Road. I couldn't quite believe how strong the scent was, so I went back a few steps and caught the smell of the Hyacinths again for a minute or two, although it seemed like an age. If anyone on a bus or in a car noticed me, they
may well have wondered why that man was standing on the pavement sniffing the air!

Finally, a mystery which I will have to find an answer to. I have looked at the older park benches in the park for ever and I have noticed the coat of arms which adorn the ends on countless occasions, but only today have I wondered who or where they represent. Is it a family or is a place? I will have to find out. In the meantime there may be a blog reader who already knows the answer. If so, please tell me so I can share it.

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Rosie said...

hello Robert,

Can't help with knowing whose coat of arms it is but have found some meanings of the symbols which may help in the search.

Colour Red or Gules - shows military fortitude or magnamity.

Crown - Royal or seignioral authority.

Cross - symbolic of some Christian experience or sentiment - can also stand for protection.

Hope this helps.

Lovely photo of the magnolia tree. I think they are so beautiful.
take care