Sunday, 6 April 2008

Picnics and daisies

Visitors enjoy a late lunch in the park.

The first daisies.

I took these pictures on Friday afternoon at the end of a wander down Gregory and Church streets photographing old houses for inclusion in my Discovering Lenton Healthy Heritage Walk notes. As I came into Lenton Recreation Ground I saw the young couple above sitting at a picnic table enjoying a late lunch (or was it an early tea?). The looked very happy, so I asked if I could take their picture. They told me they had come from Radford because they like Lenton Rec better and that it is a nice place to have a picnic.

The picnic tables have been a great success and Dave, our groundsperson, has scattered them around the grassed area to create smaller playing spaces in an effort to reduce the number of big football games. It works to some extent, but there needs to be a few more tables still. Friday was quite a mild day when the wind dropped and the sky was bright blue and almost cloudless — perfect weather for a spring picnic!

I also noticed something else, close to the
Pyracantha bush. The first daisies. Not many but enough to attract my attention. Because the main part of the grassed area gets so heavily used by footballers, the daisies don't get much of a look in. Around the edges and in the corners by Church Grove they thrive. I did ask Dave once about whether he could seed a wild meadow area, but he explained they wasn't enough space. Perhaps the natural place to create such a feature is in The Meadows?

From today there is no longer a 10p Income Tax band, which will hit low paid workers and pensioners who are ineligible for, or do not claim, benefits. From today capital gains tax on housing investments falls from up to 40% to 18%, which will be to the benefit of buy-to-let private landlords. This weekend has seen the Labour Government defending these decisions.

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