Friday, 7 March 2008

Veggies and the man

Ladies with large brassicas at the Forum's first Vegetable Day in The Lenton Centre (Every Wednesday 12–2pm, £3 buys you the best in local produce).

Dave the man is back in Lenton Recreation Ground. He returned on Wednesday after six weeks holiday in New Zealand and Australia and was down to work within minutes clearing the paths.

Whilst at The Lenton Centre on Wednesday I took this picture of Andy, one of Lenton's heroes. He worked in the old Lenton Leisure Centre, which is now part of TLC, for nearly thirty years. Such is Andy's love of the building and Lenton that he came back when TLC advertised for a manager.

Chris is holding reflexology sessions at TLC on a regular basis and offers other alternative therapies as well. I should have taken a picture of her hands because they do all the work!

I was lucky to get this picture of Mairi in The Lenton Centre on Wednesday because she's not too keen on having her picture taken. Mairi is TLC Treasurer and is in the Centre most days doing the accounts and regularly comes round to our house as Susan is a TLC signatory still. Mairi is now 86 (I hope she won't object to me saying this) and has been actively involved in Lenton for ever. I first met Mairi in 1979 when we bought our house and attended our first Labour Party meeting. She soon got me involved in the then Lenton Community Centre and we were on Nottinghamshire County Council together (1981–1985). Mairi is good friend and an inspiration. Yesterday afternoon we were both at a meeting in the city centre with our Alan Simpson, our local MP, and got on a No.5 together to come home. The bus was full and passengers were standing, but two of the 'priority seats' for the elderly and disabled were still empty so I directed Mairi to one and she immediately said 'Someone else might need this seat'. I nudged her into the seat and said 'Mairi, you're probably the oldest person on this bus and I've got the stitches to prove that I have a poorly foot and a bus pass to show that I'm a pensioner, so I think we can sit in these seats'. In truth I love her and always have and I know lots of others who would say the same. Alan our MP for one. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at her and the way he listens when she speaks.

Finally, you may have noticed my little 'park sponsorship' box in the right-hand column on a previous visit to my blog. Well, it's gone for the next year at least because Lenton Recreation Ground has a new sponsor — Nottingham University. A condition of their sponsorship is that Dave gets to decide on how some of the money is spent. There will be more details after the official launch. In the meantime thanks to Melanie I have been able to bring you this 'exclusive' news.

The most wide-ranging sell-off of British nuclear assets was under way last night, with the private sector being offered everything from stockpiled uranium to atomic fuel manufacturing plants and land at 18 sites. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which is nursing a £300m budget overrun for 2006-07 alone, is attempting to raise cash to help pay for a £72bn clean-up bill.

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Rosie said...

nice to see photos of your 'local heroes' - I love the line 'ladies with large brassicas' it sounds as if it should be a line from a poem by one of the Liverpudlian poets - I can hear Roger McGough saying it :)