Sunday, 16 March 2008

A mellow park weekend

Jehovah's Witnesses call with a message and to say 'hello'.

A game of cricket on a grey early-spring Saturday.

An empty park drenched in drizzle, late-morning on Sunday.

'Mellow' is one of my favourite words. One dictionary definition says (of a person) 'softened and matured by age and experience'. I think it can also be said of Lenton Recreation Ground. This weekend is also mellow in the sense that it has been relaxed and feels all soft and warm. It's been a weekend of not doing much for both us and the park.

Saturday began as it always does with breakfast in bed and The Guardian, so it's usually midday before we make a move, but yesterday our local
Jehovah's Witnesses called to say 'hello' and invite us to their Easter service at 6.30pm on 22 March in the Kingdom Hall on Bath Street in Nottingham city centre. We never go, but I do welcome their visits for a number of reasons: they are lovely people, with ready smiles and an optimism about life which one has to admire. I always tell them that I respect their views and beliefs and that I am in good company when I talk to them.

I spent most of yesterday with my feet up and having a TV-fest. Last week I went shopping twice and to three evening meetings as well as trying to care for Susan who has been poorly for the past fortnight. All this has taken its toll on my 'bunion' foot — hence the mellow weekend.

Yesterday was gray and overcast until the late-afternoon when the rain came and has been with us ever since. Yesterday it was heavier and lashed against the windows, but today (Sunday) it has been a steady drizzle . With the students leaving for Easter, the park has been quieter but still busy. When I took the picture of the young cricketers at about 4pm all the picnic tables were occupied, there were three families in the playground and someone learning to ride a bike. This is what our park was made for and it is wonderful that so many people want to come and use the park even on a gray early-Spring day.

Well, I came to post this blog entry whilst my bread dough was rising, which should now be ready to go into the bread tin and to be baked in the oven alongside Beeston made Lincolnshire Poacher sausages for lunch. For tea we'll be having watercress sandwiches. In between we have more TV programmes to catch up on, so just like I said at the beginning this is a mellow weekend and I'm loving it!

Police faced growing questions last night over why it took 24 days to find missing schoolgirl Shannon Matthews when her alleged kidnapper, Mick Donovan, was a relative who had been reported by neighbours as suspicious.

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