Thursday, 13 March 2008

Dave and others honoured

Alex from Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum presenting Dave Thompson, Lenton Recreation Ground's groundsperson, with a 'Certificate of Contribution' for all he does for Lenton. Congratulations from your many fans and admirers.

Dave was just one of a number of local residents and workers who were recognised by the Forum for their contribution to Dunkirk and Lenton. There have been awards in previous years as well and the number of awardees continues to grow despite the fact that the area's permanent population continues to decline. All the names were displayed at last night's Forum meeting (see yesterday's blog) and Alex has kindly provided me the names so that I could post them below. It is another indication of what makes Lenton such a special place:

Maureen Birkin (Nottingham City Homes)
In recognition of duties above and beyond her NCH role to support and help residents at Lenton high rise flats. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
Tony Wealthall (resident, Lenton flats)
Supporting and helping neighbours and other residents in the high rise flats. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
Andrew Cartwright (Dunkirk Angling & Conservation Group)
In recognition of his conservation work and raising the profile of Dunkirk pond. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
Dunkirk Fire Station
For their involvement with many Forum activities, most recently bulb planting at Dunkirk park. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
Amelia Atkin (friend of Forum via Exec Committee)
In recognition of voluntary work at the 2007 Community Festival and recent involvement with youth issues in the area. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
Darren Tattersall (Nottingham City Council, Street Scene)
For ensuring the emergency repairs were carried out quickly at Dunkirk park.
Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
West Area Project
Helping with bulb planting at Lenton Rec. Nominated by Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum.
The Lenton Centre - staff & volunteers
Their efforts in getting the centre re-opened after the City Council closed it and for lots of hard work and dedication. Nominated by Sue Conduit (Crocus Café).
Tommy’s (Thomas Helwys Church)
Very good value food & drink on Mondays and Tuesdays, always welcoming & friendly, hard working volunteers. Nominated by Lorna Jones.
Deloris Barnes
Mrs Barnes has worked in the voluntary sector for the past 25 years supporting people with sickle cell anaemia. Nominated by Angela Dias, OSCAR.
Melanie Futer (University of Nottingham)
Tireless efforts to improve the relationships between students and the permanent residents in the area. A great deal has been achieved. Nominated by Lesley Fyffe, DOLCA.
David Thompson (Groundsman, Lenton Rec)
Dave has been looking after our park for a few years now and has made a great difference. He’s the No. 1 ambassador for the park. Nominated by Robert Howard (local resident).
John Howarth (resident at Lenton flats)
John is a cheerful, kind, caring and very helpful young man. I have only known John for a short time but he has made a difference to my life. Nominated by Freda Hawkins (resident at Lenton flats).
Steve Shipman (caretaker at Lenton Court)
Very good caretaker, keeps our flats clean/tidy and also helps the community. Nominated by Anthony Wealthall (resident at Lenton flats).
Maurice Smith-Guest (caretaker at Lenton flats)
Great caretaker, very caring and works above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent customer service, very pleasant and friendly. Nominated by Philip Bignell (resident). Also Because he is more than a caretaker, he is a great help to our community. Nominated by Anne Gallagher (resident).
Liz Magraw & staff (Merrivale Nursery School)
Even when faced with the closure of the nursery (July ’08) Liz and her staff continue to provide the most excellent care, support and level of teaching to all the children (and parents!). I haven’t met another group of people I think deserve this award more. They are selfless, enthusiastic and empower the children – just perfect! Nominated by Jamie Wadsworth (local resident).
Mark Woodings (Dunkirk Primary School)
Mr Woods runs a successful school eco club to educate children about plants and seeds for food, recycling etc. He also organises visits, e.g. to Sainsbury’s to look at excess packaging on goods. Nominated by Pat and Glenys Randle (local residents).
Jane & Wes Haydon (62nd Nottingham Scouts, Cubs & Beavers)
Jane and Wes after 30 years are still running the 62nd Nottingham group and started beavers 25 years ago. Wes and Jane are kind, helpful and make scouting and creative learning fun. This pack is as fresh now as when it started. Nominated by Pat & Glenys Randle (local residents).
Sue Conduit (Crocus Café)
For always being at Crocus and always cheerful and efficient – even when volunteers fail to turn up! Nominated by Marion Spencer (Church Square Working Group & resident).
June Kirk (DOLCA)
June has been the booking secretary for DOLCA for many years. She works untiringly to ensure the Dunkirk Community Centre is kept open and benefits many different groups. Nominated by Sheila Porterfield (resident). Also June is the hub around which much of the activity at DOLCA runs. Her constant energy and dedication to making the Community Centre such a vital part of the local area for all of us. Nominated by DOLCA. Also An undying loyal and hard working person for Dunkirk Community Centre. Nominated by Betty Cooper (resident). Also June is a very caring and committed volunteer and can and will turn her hand to anything for anybody. Nominated by Aisha Morrell (Care Link).
Andy Anderton (The Lenton Centre)
For always being cheerful and showing so much patience – the outcome must be brilliant. Nominated by Marion Spencer.
Michael & Donna Clarke (Care Link)
Michael and Donna provide an amazing service, 52 weeks of the year, to the area’s most vulnerable people, providing medication, care and attention. Nominated by Aisha Morrell (Care Link).
Care Link Day Centres
This place is great for older people and the people really care about us. Harry Cross. Also Friendly, helpful people who help me a lot. Noreen Adcock. Also I like everything about this place. It’s really alright. They help me so much every week, it’s great. Edna Fairclough. Also I get a lot of general help from the group and they help me to stay happy and well. Grace Wolfe. Also Because, they get me out the house, they are caring and kind and helpful. Dolly Searcey. Also Because they are very helpful and full of nice people. Laura Ellis. Also Because they do a good job! Marjorie Thorne.

A report on 'Citizenship' by Lord Goldsmith for the government suggests a council tax reduction for volunteers and cheaper grants to students who volunteer. It also suggests an oath of allegiance to the Queen and a new national holiday to celebrate 'Britishness'.

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