Wednesday, 20 February 2008

That kind of day until...

I had hoped for the heavy hoarfrost this morning that covered parts of Nottingham for much of yesterday. Along parts of the ring road towards the City Hospital and University Boulevard between Dunkirk and Lenton the trees and hedges sparkled with hoarfrost and were simply beautiful. Lenton Recreation Ground missed out and looked its usual winter grey self, so I went to bed last night hoping that today would be different. Sad to say I have been disappointed, but the good news is that I took myself for a walk around the park on my own and without crutches after lunch — the first time in thirteen days, so I was ready for a fix!

Apart from the lads from next door playing footie and some people passing through I had the park to myself. The big change from my last visit was the sheer number of daffodil clusters breaking through with plenty of yellow heads already visible. I'll have to check when I saw the first daffs last year, but it wasn't this early. The picture of the park pavilion says it all: shuttered and closed with no one soaking up the sun on the benches. It was that kind of day, too cold and too gloomy to linger for long. I had never expected to walk around the park with my foot in bandages, but I did. I just hope the dressing comes off tomorrow and it is healing as well as it feels.

I got home and was quickly embroiled in a drama of sorts as a young man tried to break into our living room whilst I was in it! He had a companion, who I assume was the lookout. I saw his face at the window as he tried to lift it and was quite startled by it. I was on the 'phone to a friend at the time, so I said goodbye and
dialled 999. The police arrived within a few minutes and were brilliant. It was quite a scary experience and my tummy had butterflies for ages afterwards. The police got me to drive by a suspect in the back of a patrol car, but it wasn't the face I saw at the window. It just shows how opportunistic would-be thieves are. In fact the description, on reflection, somehow lessens what it is these people do! They are calculating and always have an advantage over those they seek to steal from insomuch as they have an escape plan already. This gives them a clear advantage over those they rob and the police. I'm not sure how such people should be punished. I think I would rather they had to pay compensation to their victims and work than be locked up in prison except in extreme cases.

Research has found mounting evidence that air pollution in towns and cities can both increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in the long-term and induce heart attacks within hours of exposure to traffic.

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