Sunday, 24 February 2008

A good infection

I took this picture from the Lenton Flats a year ago (21 February 2007) and I haven't taken any more. This year I must remember to take one every few months at least.

Parks are infectious. In a good way of course. We take them for granted. More often than not parks only make the news when there is a problem. The good goes unreported. I like to think that this blog strikes a balance insomuch as I will complain and criticise when I see a park getting a bad deal, but I actually spend far more time saying good things about parks. I prefer to cajole and badger than to batter or remonstrate, although I admit to doing the latter if I have my patience tested.

Today is a good day and I want to draw your attention to a relatively new section on Nottingham City Council's website which is devoted to 'Open and Green Space' in the city. I have posted a direct link in the column to the right of this text. I haven't noticed the site before and I suspect it is still under construction as quite a few, if not most, of the city's parks and open spaces have yet to be listed. Lenton Recreation Ground is there and has been given a generous plug. It's a lovely looking site with plenty of space. It would be nice if the text was a little larger, but that's a small gripe. So go and have a look for yourself and see what you think. I haven't found anything comparable for any of other of England's other core cities, so I say 'well done' to our Parks Department. I look forward to watching the Open and Green Space site develop.

There is also an online city council questionnaire about parks and open spaces to which I have also posted a link at the top of the column to the right of this text. You have until 18 March to complete it.

During the last two weeks I have visited Lenton Recreation Ground just once (last Tuesday) because of my foot. I naively thought that the dressing coming off on Thursday would see me getting back to old ways and having a daily wander. Silly me. The first couple of days without a bandage were quite uncomfortable and for the next ten weeks I have to do set exercises five times a day if I don't want the joints to fuse as the cartilage and bone grow and heal. My biggest disappointment in all this is that I cannot yet do things for Susan, especially breakfast. Without her I would be up a nameless creek without a paddle.

I'm planning to go for a circuit after lunch today if it isn't raining. It's 12.30pm now and the park is empty. The sun is trying to break through and I'm hoping to find the first daffodils open. Last year I posted my first picture of daffodils on 1 March, so we're actually not that far ahead, assuming I am lucky later today. I will add a PS to this post and let you know what I see.

PS. It's 4.30pm and I haven't made it into the park. It's been raining on and off, so my visit will have to wait until tomorrow morning (Monday) after the New Lenton Post Office closure demo at 10am which has been organised by the Students' Union. Given that it's due to close on 18 March it seems a little late to be doing this, but at least someone is doing something, so they deserve our support. Perhaps they have a secret plan and all will be revealed tomorrow?

Controversial plans that would see the police given sweeping new powers to take DNA samples from people arrested for the most minor offences, such as dropping litter, have been rejected by the Home Office.

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