Sunday, 17 February 2008

Caged in the park

The picture of the cuddly toys in the park was taken by my friend Paul last Tuesday. It pretty much sums up how I have been feeling for the past week — caged by my foot, albeit in a million dollar bedroom with a view of the park to match. On Friday, after eight days, I made it downstairs for a few hours and again yesterday for a bit longer. As I type this I'm in our living room looking across the park as the morning's heavy frost melts away on what is another beautiful day. I can see someone reading his newspaper sitting at a picnic table. As much as I love our home there have been times during the past week when I wanted to be with those cuddly toys and caged in the park. My planned walk around Lenton Recreation Ground next Thursday afternoon will be my first in a fortnight and it can't come soon enough. I am a park addict who wants others to get the park habit. As I finish this posting I see the sisters walking along the park path on their way to church. I've seen them pass by on countless occasions during the past twenty-eight years. It is something local people have been doing since the park opened and I love the thought as much as seeing the sisters pass by.

This weekend the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is marking the 50th anniversary of its founding with a 'Global Summit for a Nuclear-Free World'. Speakers include Sergio Duarte, the United Nations' High Representative for Disarmament Affairs. CND has 30,000 members.

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Paul Pursglove said...

Nice to hear that you are getting around, you will soon be tripping around the park again - don't run too soon!