Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Visitors from Ilkeston, who are members of Hillside Bowling Club, talk to one of our Community Support Officers who visit Lenton Recreation Ground on a regular basis.

Another Lenton visitor, Markesa, who is staying with us until a new home can be found for her.

My walks around the park have yet to find any more flowers. The snowdrops I photographed a couple of weeks ago have gone and there are green shoots getting longer, but that is as far as it goes. Where will the next flowers appear?

On this morning's walk I saw the park doing what it does best, acting as a place where people can find the time to stop and talk. I don't know whether the visitors from Ilkeston expected to meet a CSO, given that they had come to see the damage caused a few weeks ago by the break-in to the Pavilion (or should I starting saying 'Club House' like the park signs?). I hope they were re-assured.

I wonder what it is that attracts bowlers to join clubs quite away from where they live? Is it some past association with the area or because there are no clubs close to where they live? Either way Lenton Recreation Ground is the winner. Its popularity with bowlers is something we should all take pride in. There are problems as well with lots of bowling clubs using the park, but it is far better that we have bowlers using the park than the greens going unused.

Universities with large numbers of Muslim students should consider rejecting demands for separate prayer and washing facilities to prevent their campuses segregating along religious lines and risking a climate where illegal extremist views can flourish, the government will suggest today (is this the same government which supports and funds faith schools? If 'yes' why are prayer and washing facilities a problem?).

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Rosie said...

Oh, how lovely to see the very pretty Markesa :)