Thursday, 24 January 2008

Looking for flowers and chasing shadows

Little blue flowers beside the Derby Road path.

One lonely flower beside the bowling green.

Early crocuses in the churchyard.

My search for signs of life in Lenton Recreation Ground continues. After a few days of nothing after the small clump of snowdrops had died away, the above blue flowers have started to appear beside the path which runs parallel to the Derby Road railings and then I found one bedding plant in flower beside the bowling green. As far as the park was concerned that was it, so I paid a visit to Holy Trinity's churchyard across from the park and found crocuses about to burst into flower in the next day or two. All of them on graves surrounded by stone edging, which I assume affords them some protection from the worst of the weather including the frosts.

So, today, I found one, two, three flowers in the park or nearby. If the weather stays mild then by this time next week all the green shoots around the trees may well be in flower as well, giving us 50. 70, 90 flowers to enjoy. No doubt there are other parks and gardens with finer displays already, but these flowers and shoots are within a few steps of my home and to see them gives me an instant buzz. I wonder if other park visitors or those who regularly use its footpaths as a short cut between Old Lenton and the Derby Road look out for the first flowers of the year?

Someone told me yesterday that some parents don't like taking their children to the park because there are too many bushes which make it very easy for children to disappear from view. They see the park as a security risk, making it an unsafe place for children. We live in sad times when parents and others want to chase shadows rather than accept that the risk to children in the park is minimal and that if we really wanted to keep children safe we would take them from their parents because children are twelve times more likely to be abused or killed by a parent or a relative than they are by a stranger. It is a topic I will return again I am sure, but I couldn't let the conversation go unmentioned.

Peter Hain resigned as work and pensions secretary today following the announcement that the Metropolitan Police will investigate his failure to declare donations to his deputy leadership campaign worth more than £100,000.


Rosie said...

I think the little blue flowers may be periwinkles of some kind. I'm glad you found the crocus flowers even though you didn't find snowdrops. When I think how free we were as children in the 1950s to wander all over our village and play in the street without any concerns I feel sorry for the restricted, car lead, supervised lives of today's children and also the perpetual worry their parents must go through every day, for their safety.

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks for your entry on my blog Robert, I have linked to yours from mine. I do lots of parks articles as it is a pass
ion of mine. My grandfather and greatgrandfather both worked for the parks department in Coventry.

Come back and have a look in a month or so's time when we should have finished the works to improve the pocket park in the ward. Phythian Park.

best wishes, Louise

My profile link said...

Nat and I used to play in that park all the time, and that was with you watching from the window of the house! So It is a very safe park... thats what I reckon anyway, but I dont like it there as much anymore, now they changed all the swings and roundabouts and stuff.
Love you Grandad... did you get my letter?
Laura xxxx