Sunday, 27 January 2008

A 'feel good' day

Basket ball players

Church House snowdrops

Boulevard psychic opens shop

I was up with the sun this morning so that I could go out delivering copies of News From the Forum to all the houses and shops on the park side of Lenton Boulevard and as is so often the case I found something new to look at. First there were the snowdrops in the garden of Church House, which is beside the park gates which open onto Church Street. I only saw them because I was pushing a copy of the News through the letterbox. It's the biggest cluster of flowers I have so far seen this year.

In the park there are snowdrops and crocuses beginning to appear everywhere: in the borders and even through the grass. There are even some daffodil heads showing. The park is beginning to bust out all over and I can hear music in my head as the orchestra begins to build momentum for a blowing of trumpets and the beating of drums accompanied by cymbals. It's all coming in a rush and far too fast and will be over before you know it unless to concentrate on the moment and catch it while you can, so before the week is out pay a visit to Lenton Recreation Ground and enjoy these 'feel good' moments. I promise you won't be disappointed and that you will be coming back for more. New life in the park certainly didn't come as fast last year. The joy of it is there to be captured by anyone open to the magic of a blooming park.

I also discovered this morning that Lenton now has its own 'Psychic Studio' on Lenton Boulevard. As the above photograph shows the name 'Monique' also appears on the sign, so I assume she is the psychic who is running this new business. I wonder why she has chosen this spot. Is it the cheapness of the accommodation, its location or the fact that 8 out of 10 residents are young people who may enjoy the services she has to offer? Whilst I wish the venture well and like the colour it adds to the Boulevard, I am concerned about the implication of allowing a house adjacent to shops being used so openly for business purposes. It is one thing for someone to work from home, but once you put large notices up you are changing the nature of the property and this does have planning implications. Before we know it all the housing along this stretch of the Boulvard between 'Blockbusters' and Trinity Avenue could be used by businesses and reclassified, by default, as business and retail units instead of houses.

Finally a word about my top picture of the basket ball players. What a wonderful mix of people. There's as many out of view as in the picture. As I said before, the dunking area has been a real success. What I would like to see next is a similar area for cricketers because it is now played by kids in the park all year round. An area where they could play in 'the nets' would go down well and it is, after all, a home-grown game we should encourage as much as basket ball!

My next blog will be about Bristol and a Liverpool Labour Party councillor I have found on the web who has a passion for parks.

Henning Mankell's Swedish detective, Kurt Wallander, is to have three 90 minute thrillers made by the BBC at a cost of £6m, with Kenneth Branagh playing Wallander. I just hope they don't mess too much with the character and that they include all those he works with.

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Louise Baldock said...

Thanks so much for your support for my work in Liverpool parks.

I have some good news I hope to be able to break in the coming weeks about a small park in the city that we have rescued from certain decay.

Keep your eye on the blog, it should be coming up during March all being well.

I have also been campaigning for more dog wardens to manage stray and free roaming dogs in parks.

My ancestors came from Plumtree and Tollerton by the way - if you go back 500 years, which are villages in Nottinghamshire, so your parks matter to me.

My grandfather and great grandfather and great uncle were all council gardeners too.

It is in my blood!

Keep up the good work and the great photos.