Sunday, 23 December 2007

Misty park days

This is how the park has been for the last few days. I took this picture at 9am this morning and it's the same now, at 3pm in the afternoon. In fact, the camera lies. In truth you cannot see the pavilion with the naked eye. These are the mistiest few days I can remember this year. When I took this picture I felt what seemed like raindrops in the air, so I thought the mist was about to disappear. I was wrong. I quite like it and it sums up the kind of day it's been so far.

We both sat in bed reading for an hour this morning, then I got up and whilst listening to Victoria Wood on Desert Island Disks I got all the ingredients ready for Susan to come down and make our pine nut roast for Christmas Day. Around lunchtime six young children knocked on the door and sung a couple of verses from a carol before going off with a jar of coppers I had been collecting for I don't know what. They looked like a group of lovable scamps. I just hope they stay that way. I wanted to get my camera and take a picture of them on our doorstep, but we live in an age when such a thing would be frowned upon, so I didn't.

With all the students gone home for Christmas, Devonshire Promenade and all the other roads in Lenton are virtually empty. It is eerily quiet and the mist which has been hanging over the park for the last few days echoes the quiet which has descended on Lenton. Even Christmas seems to have come early in the sense that the holiday rush has come and gone. Now, we are all waiting for Christmas Day. Even though tomorrow is officially Christmas Eve, everywhere seems to have started winding down already. Some shops won't be open and others are closing at lunchtime, even the buses are finishing at teatime.

In the absence of snow I will settle for the mist and the damp which accompanies it. There will be plenty of time for those cold crisp dry days with bright blue skies after Christmas. Snow as well would be a wonderful bonus. It does happen as my post-Christmas blog will reveal! In the meantime I would like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true in 2008 and let us all work for a world of peace, justice and fairness. Oh why are the simplest things made to seem like the hardest?

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