Sunday, 9 December 2007

Forlorn and decomposing

Holy Trinity Churchyard

Decomposing vegetation in Church Street Pocket Park

It's getting grim. It's been a wet, miserable, few days when my thoughts have turned to snow. Thoughts almost certainly brought on not by the weather but by a book I am reading at the moment. It's Northern Lights by Nora Roberts and it is set in a small town called Lunacy, Alaska, and our hero, Nate, has just been told about a frozen body in a cave in the mountains and its been blowing a blizzard for days. Reading it, with the curtains drawn, I almost came to believe there was lots of snow outside our house and the park was under three foot of the stuff. If only.

Back in reality and closer to home, I think the word I'm looking for is 'forlorn' — which the dictionary says means 'pitifully sad and abandoned'. Yes, that's the word I need to describe Lenton Recreation Ground right now. Once this blanket of gloom would have been lifted, yes, by snow.
What the park needs at this time of the year is some kind of event which will pull the visitors in. Another thing to think about for 2008.

Even the poor old pocket park is suffering. It has become a dumping ground for decomposing leaves and other green waste from the park and Holy Trinity cemetery. Partly, I suspect, because of a new Parks Department policy which says that all the leaves and waste have to go to a central place (in Basford I think) to be turned into mulch and compost by a mechanical process which does in weeks what used to take months. It's a very laudable aim, but it's a pity that the pocket park has to be used as a dumping ground until the leaves and waste can be collected. What my picture doesn't capture is the steam rising from the pile and I have to admit that I quite liked the smell. It was all wintery and reminded me of mulled wine with herbs and cinnamon.

Perhaps the pocket park is need of a rethink? There has been talk of the Gurdwara taking it over to turn it into an Indian style garden. It's an idea I quite like.

This week Gordon Brown's government proposed 42 day retention without trial, announced 3 'super-prisons' to hold 10,500 more prisoners and tougher immigration rules.

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