Friday, 7 December 2007

Dunkirk Park meeting success

My camera got the wobbles at the Dunkirk Park consultation meeting on Wednesday (5 December) so Steph from the Forum has again come to my rescue. The evening was well supported by local residents who were able to enjoy refreshments and biscuits whilst visiting a series of tables all devoted to different themes, where participants could write down their ideas about the changes they would like to see, as well as what they thought of the park at present.

From what I was able to see as I toured the tables, I would say that park security was high up the list of concerns. There was more than one request for night-time lighting, with one suggestion that it could be solar powered. At least two mentioned locking up the park at night, including one that 'local residents (be) responsible for locking up the park'. I rather liked the idea of 'secure bike racks' where, I assume, visitors could padlock their bikes. Thinking about it, I'm amazed the idea never came up when Lenton Recreation Ground was having its makeover.

Other ideas included higher fencing and a 'soft play area'. Even a 'picnic area' was mentioned, which could prove popular among workers from the near-by industrial estate as well kids and parents. 'No dogs' was another suggestion. Other suggestions included having 'good equipment' in the park and keeping drug users out of the park.

The Forum should be feeling very satisfied with a good night's work on what was a pretty miserable evening. With about £50,000 to spend on Dunkirk Park, they, the Parks Department and Area 8 should be able to come back to local residents and other park users with some good proposals. I'll stay in touch with what happens next, so watch this space.

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