Monday, 3 December 2007

Diggers Day

Lenton Recreation Ground Bluebells, 26 April 2007.

The first Bluebell diggers of the day.

This morning there was a Bluebell bulb planting session in Lenton Recreation Ground. Unfortunately, because I had a massage appointment for my back, I was only able to spend a few minutes in the park at the official start time of 10am. Luckily, I stumbled upon the first small group of diggers, who had just started cutting sods so that the Bluebell bulbs (or are they called something else?) could be planted. It all seemed fine to me, but the group looked in need of a fourth opinion before they could continue. As I had a bus to catch I left them to it, grateful that I had got at least one usable photograph from my flying visit. I don't know how many more turned up but as I stood at the bus stop a fourth person did arrive and was immediately drawn into the discussion.

Altogether, some 5,000 Bluebell bulbs will be planted, many in the border which is adjacent to the Derby Road fence. With luck a good few will come up next year with ever increasing numbers over the next few years. It will all be very different to this year, when there was just one clump by the Old Barn, which I snapped for the blog on 26 April earlier this year. I'm sorry I couldn't stay around and help, but I'm glad I got one picture of the diggers.

Gillian Gibbons, the British teacher jailed for allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad, has been freed today after receiving a presidential pardon.

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