Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Day

Sun setting, 3.40pm.

Looking across towards Devonshire Promenade and Lenton flats, 3.35pm.

Devonshire Promenade, 3.25pm. Not a car to be seen.

Mid-day sun, Lenton Recreation Ground, Christmas Day.

Playground visitors from Forest Fields, 3.30pm, Christmas day.

Susan is watching Dr Who, so I have sneaked out and posted these pictures which I took earlier today. All of them, bar one, were taken just as the sun was setting. At mid-day, the sun was trying to break through the clouds and it actually looked darker than it did just before the sun set.

This Christmas the park was open for the first time in a good few years. I noticed a few people walking through, even one person sitting at a picnic table. The lady and the young boy had come to park from Forest Fields "because it's a lovely park, nice and clean and tidy". I wished them Merry Christmas but she told me that they celebrated the Solstice instead and that they didn't believe in Christmas. I can understand that. Perhaps the park should have special events to mark the summer and winter solstices. If taking photographs in the park most days shows anything it is the changing seasons and I like that.

Just before the sun sinks below the houses on the Lenton Manor estate, it throws its rays across the promenade and the flats as if it is making one last determined attempt to remind the world of just how bright it can make the world we see. In the time it took me to walk the few yards from the park to my front door it was virtually dark. If I have learnt anything this year it is how fast the light fades once the sun has set. That it appears to linger is an illusion and I suspect that the older you get the more aware you are of the fact — why else do the days and years seem to fly by more quickly the older you get? I have never met an older person who does not acknowledge this.

Government plans to allow civil servants to confiscate the passports of absent parents who fail to pay child maintenance are "thoroughly unjust" and may well be unconstitutional, a former attorney general warned today.

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