Sunday, 18 November 2007

Did winter begin today?

It's 3.15pm on the wettest and most miserable looking Sunday I can remember this year. Has winter arrived? The park has been empty most of the day. I took this picture through the wind and rain when I opened the park at 7.45am. The street lamp on Devonshire Promenade is still on and all the trees are shredding leaves at different rates. Despite all this I feel all snug and warm and I'm off to make a pizza and an apple pie for tea, plus some lemon cordial for Christmas with Susan, so I'm going to be a busy bee.

PS. When I went to lock the park at 4.30pm it was still raining heavily and I thought the park was empty, then I saw four young lads with an older boy in the pagoda, huddled in a group and talking intently. They didn't see me approach so I startled them. I was too surprised to ask them if they had nowhere else to go. As I walked back from locking the Church Street gate I saw them running along Devonshire Promenade. They seemed a happy bunch, but it would be better if there was somewhere for them to go on a wet Sunday afternoon than the pagoda in Lenton Recreation Ground!

David Cameron will put his party on a collision course with the teaching profession this week when he announces that virtually every child in the country will be expected to read by the age of six under a Conservative government.

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