Sunday, 25 November 2007

Caught in the act

A late autumn corner

The photographer photographed

To the best of my knowledge this only the second time I have been caught in the act. This picture was taken by my friend Rosie from Stoke when she and her husband, Paul, came to Nottingham for the day on Friday and we took them for lunch in our community cafe, the Crocus Cafe, followed by a perambulation around parts of New and Old Lenton, including Priory Park and Lenton Recreation Ground.

Rosie is a great blogger and was the person who suggested I did a blog about Lenton Recreation Ground in February. It seems as if I have been doing my blog a lot longer. Rosie was doing her blog for well over a year before she told me about it. She and Paul are great walkers and go out and about almost every weekend. They also have cats, so her blog is a wonderful mix of wonderful places in and around the English Midlands and life on the home front. Her latest blog is about their visit to Nottingham on Friday and includes some great photographs, as well as reminiscences of her early working life in the city centre. It makes you appreciate what a great place Nottingham is. You can reach her blog, Corners of my Mind, via my links section in the column opposite.

As December draws closer by the day, I know that autumn is about to give way to winter, so any late flurries of leaves need to be enjoyed to the full. On Wednesday last, I stood and watched the tree above shredding its leaves before me as I toured the park with Dave, our groundsman, and other members of the Park Consultative Group, so I went back and took this picture. Soon, all the leaves will be off the trees and even the carpets of leaves will be gone. It's a wonderful time of the year. This morning when I opened the park, the rising sun was catching the trunks of two silver birches by the playground area and created a wonderful image. I did not have my camera with me, so I simply stood for a view minutes watching the colours change as the sun's rays caught the trees and moved across their bark creating different shadows and hues of pale whites and creams speckled with black and brown from the natural slashes in the bark. A truly memorable few moments, all for free, in a little inner-city park right outside my front door. How lucky I am.

As Labor party leader Kevin Rudd swept to victory in Australia's elections yesterday, he told jubilant supporters he would 'write a new page in our nation's history'.

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Rosie said...

Ah, thank you for your kind words. We had a lovely day on Friday and I would recommend the Crocus Cafe to anyone - great food and cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Enjoyed the walk too. Glad you like the photo.
The Lenton 'tree rat' was very interesting:)