Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Managing Lenton's little parks

Priory Park in a better light

Priory Park gets opened up, but not to the public

A Lenton broadwalk

This is the blog I intended to post at the weekend just gone, but I have spent the best part of a week now, with the help of Susan, working on evidence for the Public Inquiry into the proposed extension of the existing Nottingham tram system to Chilwell and Clifton. I plan to tell you more about this in a few days time.

For now it's back to dear old Priory Park. Last Thursday it was still locked up and a layer of rubble remains in the corner of the park which once housed the pigeon loft. Last week, instead of finishing one job, the manager(s) responsible for putting the park into some kind of order decided to hack back much of the shrubbery as my middle picture shows. It seems like a sensible thing to do providing they don't end up turning the entire park into some kind of inner-city scrub land. But, why oh why, can't they do one job at a time?

From the evidence I have seen the Parks Department, or whoever it is who is paid to be incompetent on their behalf, has no plan for restoring Priory Park. It's more a case of 'What shall we do today?... I know, let's knock down a wall... How about making some ankle-breakers? That'll be fun!... Is there any petrol in the chain saw? Perhaps when I go and have a look at the weekend I will be delighted by what I see. I live in hope.

But it isn't all gloom and doom. My top picture shows the kind of Priory Park I want to see all the time and open to the public. It's still there, but just locked away. A small oasis of calm on the corner of a busy road junction, unnoticed by many who pass by and, sadly, unloved by those charged with its care. The park needs a Dave — someone like we have at Lenton Recreation Ground — to love and nurture it. Perhaps someone in Parks would like to be a kind of peripatetic outreach groundsperson caring a little group of parks and open space in Lenton?

The person could look after Priory Park, the little park at Dunkirk and what I call the Lenton 'Broadwalk' area. Taken together I suspect they cover an area much the same as Lenton Recreation Ground. When walking to Beeston, which I usually do at least once most weeks, I have several routes I use and what I call the Broadwalk is one of them. It's as good as any you'll find elsewhere. Assuming the tram comes to Gregory Street, then it will become a busy pedestrian thoroughfare between the tram and New Lenton.

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