Saturday, 17 November 2007

A 'barn' and a Panda

The 'barn' / park store in Lenton Recreation Ground

The 'barn' / park store railway end side view

The Panda has been on the loose in the park for over a week and I didn't notice him/her until yesterday. Dave, our groundsman, and my friend Judith had both seen the panda but not me — I seem to walk around with my eyes closed most of the time!

I can understand why an escaped furry animal would like to live in our park and it's given me an idea for a fundraising event which would involve local kids and students and could be done this time next year to coincide with the BBC's annual 'Children in Need' appeal. Groups of students would build 'homes' in the park and the kids could bring along their furry animals and place their animal in the home of their choice. The student built home with the most animals would be the winner and all the animals would go off to new homes to be loved by new young friends. Any one interested in taking on a good cause?

The other two pictures are of the 'barn' in the park. The building, allegedly, predates the coming of the park in 1888 and , if this is the case, it clearly wasn't built as a store or a place for park workers to use. So, what was it?

For a bog standard agricultural building it seems well made and quite ornate. Dave wonders if it was a 'smokey' where meat was cured by hanging it inside the building. This idea comes from the fact that inside their are some holes in the walls where bricks are missing, suggesting that something was placed in the holes. On closer inspection, the holes don't line up across the inside of the building.

I am going to try and find an architectural historian who can either look at the photoghraphs or come along and have a look. It would be interesting to know more about the building, so watch this space for further news. I'm also going to go and look at old Ordnance Survey maps in the Local Studies Library the next time I go to town.

'All sources of carbon pollution — from flights to inefficient light bulbs — must become more expensive if the world is to tackle global warning' say scientists at world conference in Valencia.


Paul Pursglove said...

Big panda. Bet it needs a lot of bamboo - can see why it was bamboozling!

Rosie said...

The escapee must have caused 'pandemonium' around the park :)

The 'barn' looks interesting. A building left from an earlier era and re-used for today's purposes. I hope you can find out more about it - I await your findings with interest.
p.s. the furry animal homes idea for CIN is really good - I'm sure the students and children would enter into the spirit of it.

Laura said...

Random fact for you grandad...

the giant panda, most closely related to the bear than the red panda, has 'thumb' which is in fact a wrist bone that has grown in length and now used by the panda fr its bamboo holding grasp... they also have the bone on their feet... see I do learn things in uni!! Vet Stuff is interesting!! (as is evolution- which is how i know that random fact!) Hope your well Grandad!! Did you get my letter! love you xxx