Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Recovery time in the park

The bowls season is over for another year and so, for Dave our groundsman, the cycle begins again. The bowling greens need most of the autumn and the winter to recover from the almost daily tramplings they had during the late-spring and summer. To help the greens recover Dave gives them a topcoat of sand and loam. Barrow loads of the stuff are dumped all over the greens then Dave has the back breaking task of spreading it all over the greens.

When Dave sees me get my camera out he stops and I take his picture. In these days of 'action shots' these pictures probably seem quite old fashioned, so I took one of Dave 'on the move' as well. It looks a simple enough job, but it isn't. It takes skill, concentration and patience to do well. Later the same day the bowling greens looked as if they had been covered in a fine layer of gray dust. 'Smooth as a baby's bum' as they say.

Personally, I like 'standing still' pictures where the subject of the photograph appears to engage with the viewer. I also like the autumn and the coming of the shorter days. I suspect we need it as much as nature. Time to recover and to think of the future and the coming of spring, which if recent years is anything to go by is only weeks away...

Ming Campbell resigns as Leader of the Liberal Democrats and the media is all of a frenzy choosing his successor even before the selection process begins.

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