Saturday, 27 October 2007

Those who care and those who don't

Michael has been caring for the grounds around Lenton's Holy Trinity Church, St Anthony's Church and the Lenton War Memorial since 1988. Today I bumped him outside Priory Park, which is next to St Anthony's Church, as he likes to see the park looking tidy as well. One of Lenton's unsung heroes who keeps the areas he is responsible for so tidy that you never notice them. Like Dave, our groundsman at Lenton Recreation Ground, if he wasn't there you would notice then!

At last most of the rubble in Priory Park has been cleared away, but whoever was responsible for overseeing the work for the Parks Department just couldn't bring themselves to finish tho job properly. No, they had to leave some bricks and rubbish for another day. If they carry on at this rate they might just have Priory Park tidied up in time for Christmas. Has anyone apart from me actually noticed that Priory Park has been locked for weeks?

Senior nurses will be allowed to veto the resuscitation of patients under new guidelines issued yesterday by the medical profession.

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