Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Four square yards of park

I took these two pictures yesterday morning. The last few days have been beautiful and, in my book, far preferable to a hot summer day. The air has a cool crisp edge and the sky a brilliant blue, as you can see in the bottom picture, taken underneath Lenton Recreation Ground's only Willow tree. Its branches hang down like chandeliers radiating light green light. In front, beside the bowling green, the tall ornamental grasses look silver as they gently sway to and fro in front a smaller Acer tree. Behind you can see the Willow. All this in an area of the park about 6'x6' in size — barely four square yards.

I never visit our little park without asking myself at least once 'Why haven't I noticed that before?'. So it was yesterday with the grasses and the Acer, glowing in their autumn finery against the Willow. For me, a perfect picture. Writing this it has just dawned on me that some of the people milling around outside the park pavilion, if they paid me any attention at all, must have, momentarily at least, wondered what that old fart was doing, just standing there looking at what?

After lunch today, I'm taking Susan with me and I'm going to have another good long stare at perfection. If you have the time and you live or work close by, come and have a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

The National Grid has posted an energy supply warning for the coming winter to its website as gas wholesale prices in the UK soar to 40% more than mainland Europe

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Rosie said...

Lovely photos, Robert. Hope you enjoyed your second look this afternoon. I told you earlier today how wonderful your photo of Michael was, how it had a timeless quality about it - I feel exactly the same about the photo of the park through your bedroom window with your breakfast table and chairs - it all looks so idyllic.

Take carexx