Monday, 22 October 2007

The first heavy frost

Seen at Nottingham Science Park on Saturday. Would you like to rent your own little cabin. It can seat two.

The first heavy frost on Saturday gave the park a magical look.

I have seen the playground empty on countless occasions, but this is the first time the lines and the angles have caught my attention. I kept expecting to see the Channel 4 logo appear before me.

The lake at the nearby Beeston Sidings Nature Reserve, a twenty minute gentle stroll from Lenton Recreation Ground, on Saturday (which is how I came to take the picture of the 'hut to let').

I love the park first thing in the morning, especially at this time of the year. I wander into the park at sunrise and have it to myself. I admit I am a little depressed at the moment by the damage being caused to the grass by young men playing football and rugby in studded boots. Today I am contacting the university and the Parks Department direct. Now that Dave, our groundsman, is on his own most of the time he is going to be hard put to stop the damage getting worse. He will need some help if we are not to see it reduced to a mudbath by Christmas.

Locking the park at dusk for the past week has made a difference. The students do leave when asked and only once have a few climbed over the fence to play in what little light filters through the trees from the street lamps.

I see the city council is looking for a new park sponsor, so I've added my own commercial. It's such a great location that some large company ought to see its potential and pay megabucks to advertise along the Derby Road railings and in the park. I just hope some of the income will find its way to helping Priory Park in Old Lenton and the little Dunkirk Playground. Perhaps we can persuade Virgin to become the sponsor. Then we could have the country's first 'Virgin Park' and our lovely little park would almost certainly have its very own fifteen minutes of fame. Now there's a thought!

The Labour Party spends £1m on the election that never was.

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