Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A day of action

I'm not sure that a 'Day of Action' in Lenton really needed the Police and Ambulance services to park themselves at the gates to Lenton Recreation Ground. Perhaps they were expecting a different kind of action?

9am outside the park pavilion, the centre of operations for Lenton's 'Day of Action'. It's packed inside. It was great seeing so many people in one place with just one aim in mind — making Lenton a better place. Perhaps I can persuade some community and politically minded students to campaign for a Lenton Parish Council? It would be a great way for them to gain experience in running a council and local services before they head for Westminster and the big time!

Today, the University of Nottingham, the Students’ Union and Nottingham City Council have held a 'Lenton Day of Awareness and Action'. The aim of the day is 'to help ensure a safe, secure and pleasant environment for all residents of the Lenton community by encouraging good practices such as waste management and social responsibility'.

Students households have received information on topics such as recycling, social responsibility in the community, Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing and anti-burglary initiatives such as SmartWater. Representatives from the Fire and Rescue Service have been taking part and there is even a graffiti cleaning team out there somewhere.

This morning I did my bit by helping the Forum to carry out 'street audits'. I did a few of the avenues and roads around my part of Lenton. Even allowing for the fact that students have been doing litter patrols today, there were few wheelie bins left out and there was very little litter to be seen. New Lenton looked better today than it has for a long time. I keep my fingers crossed that today is not a flash in the pan.

I have decided to get some street audit forms from the Forum to do a weekly check for the next couple of months around my part of Lenton. I will keep you posted.

My congratulations to all involved for a job well done.

Ten people have been killed by stampeding cows in England and Wales during the past ten years.

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