Monday, 8 October 2007

Dark park thoughts

7.30pm: A 36 bus on Derby Road going to the city

7.30pm: Cars line up on Derby Road

For reasons I won't go into now, our little park is currently not being locked up at night, so there are students playing football and rugger well after dark most nights. Tonight, there was even a couple playing with a frishby and a young man dunking in the dark. So I thought I'd go and photograph some of the action, but seeing me everyone, except the dunker, went out through the Church Street gate as I started walking across the grass from the Derby Road entrance.

It turned out to be far too dark to get a decent picture of the lone dunker, so I turned my attention to the bright lights of the Derby Road which, for some reason, was heavy with traffic going into the city centre and I got the above two pictures. My digital camera is five years old and more like a old-fashioned Kodak Brownie camera, so it's really a point and shoot job. This may well explain why my night time pictures from the park have the swirls of light emanating from the bus and cars. I suspect my shutter speed is too slow to capture an 'instant' image in the dark.

However, my first thought on seeing the pictures was that the streaks of light were the auras of the passengers and the drivers escaping into the night and all that was left in the bus and the cars were the husks of what were once people, who would not see daylight again if their spirits got lost in the ether. Where they were going or what they intended to do I had no idea. Perhaps my pictures explain an experience I used to have when I regularly drove a car. I know Susan used to have the same experience. I could drive somewhere or drive home and not remember a thing about the journey. In some ways it was scary and I used to wonder what would have happened had I had an accident? How would I explain it to myself, let alone others?

Perhaps these pictures are all the evidence I should need to convince me that our minds (or auras) wander whenever they get the chance. They leave us behind and go in search of who knows what, but of one thing I am certain as I look at the streaks of light in the pictures above. Every one of them has a story to tell and is on a journey far greater than the moment they have been caught on a dark Derby Road on an autumn Monday night in October 2007.

All this from a non-believer, who takes the view that no one has summed up the purpose of life better than Michael Foot, who said on the eve of the 1983 General Election: 'We are here to provide for all those who are weaker, hungrier and more battered and crippled than ourselves. That is our only certain good and great purpose on earth'.

Perhaps my hero Dag Hammerskjold is right: 'For him that hath faith, the last miracle will be greater than the first' (from Markings).

Gordon Brown says he won't call an early general election, but admits that he thought about it.

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