Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Overheard on a 36 today

To be replaced by a no.36 as soon as one comes along!

I got on the 36 this morning coming back from Beeston and as I sat down behind two women in their forties I caught the following conversation:

1st woman: 'I told him if wants to put it in he's got to do it himself, but he said he couldn't do without me, so I told him "I'm not your handmaiden, so forget it". He used to do these things on his own, but he says he can't manage now'.

2nd woman: Mine's just the same. You help 'em once and they want your help every time'.

1st woman: 'It's not as if I get any pleasure from it... have you seen one... it's the size tha' gets me now'.

2nd woman: 'He was just the same. It wasn't as if he didn't have a big one already, but you know what tha' like. It has to be bigger and better than anyone elses'.

1st woman: Anyroads he going to have it delivered and fitted because I'm not lugging it.

Then one rang the bell and my few minutes behind two ladies on a 36 between Beeston and Hathern Green were over.

After thinking their conversation might get even juicier, I came down with a bump. I guess it was probably about a TV set. Or do you have any other suggestions?

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Rosie said...

The bind moggles :)
Perhaps one of those huge American cooler fridges? I guess you are right - they are going for a plasma screen.
I love overhearing conversations on buses. Years ago I was on a national coach and it was quite noisy but just as it slowed down a child some where behind me piped up in a loud voice 'mummy, where do kittens come from?'
The hush on the bus as we all waited for the answer was almost touchable - of course, as you can imagine the answer was 'ask your dad' - I think I'd have said 'the cattery'.