Sunday, 9 September 2007

Gurdwara history weekend

Lenton's Sikh temple, Guru Teg Bahadur Gurdwara, took part in this weekend's national 'Heritage Open Days' programme and last month I was asked if I would lead a local history walk as part of their weekend of events. Flattered, I agreed, but pulling everything together so that I could be ready in time for the walk took most of last week and some time before that to work out a walking route!

The good news is that the walk went OK, given that it was the first ever walk I have led. In my blog on 12 August I explained how I had gone a 'Walk Leaders' training day with a view to doing a monthly walk in 2008. In the event I did one much sooner than expected. Jeannie at the Gurdwara encouraged me and Colin, an experienced walk leader and one of my trainers came along as my 'back-up leader' as every proper walk should have one. Colin has become my 'walks mentor' and I found his support and feedback after yesterday's walk invaluable.

What made the day for me was that Kathy, who lives close by and was very supportive of my 'Tea in the Park' venture, came along, as did our two city councillors, Dave Trimble and Zahoor Mir. I am blessed to know such people.

My next step is to have the walk accredited so that it can be included in the 'Get Nottingham Moving' healthy walks programme next year. I produced a map and some notes in the form of a 2 x A4 pages leaflet which is listed in my weblinks box as 'Exploring Lenton'.

My Susan also helped me put the final touches to the leaflet and checked for 'split infinitives' — don't ask, I haven't quite worked out what they are. I didn't get the hang of them at school over fifty years ago and my only consolation is that they are everywhere, but, but (this second 'but' is deliberate) not in my leaflet thanks to Susan, although I suspect my blog is peppered with the things!

You may be thinking 'What's all this got to do with park?'. Well, it wouldn't be a 'Healthy Heritage Walk Exploring Lenton' if it didn't include Lenton Recreation Ground would it! A friend has just arrived for tea and I have made some scones to have with jam made by our friends Paul and Rosie in Stoke, so I will let you go and look at the 'Exploring Lenton' walk and map (it's been designed to print in black and white as well as full colour).

It's four hours since we had lunch at the Gurdwara with the congregation and other visitors. I am only sorry it took me so long to get to know some of the lovely people at the Gurdwara. They are so friendly and once you know what to expect when you go inside its calming influence is with you before you arrive and after you leave. I like the Sikh take on life.

Mortar 'Made in Iran' kills (British) soldiers in Iraq.

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