Sunday, 30 September 2007

Festival success

A friendly Dunkirk and Lenton Festival welcome.

Lesley, the Chair of Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum, enjoys a nibble.

Inside one of the Festival marquees.

Two students enjoy some tasty samosas.

The cheerleaders prepare to do their stuff.

The Crocus Cafe staff and volunteers arrive to run the Park Pavilion Tearoom.

The Gurdwara stall where the students bought their somosas. They soon sold out!

Louise looked after the Nottingham University Students' Union stall.

Early visitors.

The marquees are up and participants begin to take their places.

Dunkirk stalwarts Ruth and Dave Poole look after the TRAD stall.

Two Betties enjoy themselves at the Festival.

The annual Dunkirk and Lenton Community Festival took place yesterday afternoon. The rain stayed away and there was a good attendance and it all had a lovely feel to it. In between looking after my slideshow, Diary of a Park (thanks to Alex in the Forum office for coming up with the name) with the help of Susan, I was able to take a few photographs of people enjoying themselves and the never to be forgotten volunteers, who look after the stalls and make sure that the whole event runs smoothly.

I came across the Friends of Nottingham University Park for the first time and came home with some wild flowers to plant in our back garden, which we deliberately keep on the wild side to attract the wild life. I put a link to the Friends in my Links section, so you can go and see for yourself. It was a bit of a coincidence after my last blog posting comparing the University's Millennium Garden with Priory Park in Old Lenton. In fairness to the University, its grounds are open every day of the year to local people. The problem is that many of them exclude themselves. I walk through the campus fairly often on my way to or from Beeston. What I don't do is allow myself enough time to explore some of the University's other gardens.

I have finally slipped a picture of Lesley Fyffe into my blog. From time to time I have mentioned her name, as she is a genuine Dunkirk and Lenton 'hero' in terms of what she does to ensure that the area and its needs are rarely forgotten by Nottingham City Council, the university and others. She also finds the time to be involved with the Guides and the Dunkirk & Old Lenton Community Association. She has also been one of the driving forces behind the annual community festival.

My slideshow could have gone better. The Park Pavilion was not really dark enough inside, so the pictures could not be seen at their best, but I said I was going to do it and I have. However, my biggest disappointment of the day was missing the belly-dancer. I was told afterwards that there was 'only one'. Well, that would have been enough for me! There is something special about a voluptuous woman dancing to music.

Perhaps next year we will attract more of the local students to come along and enjoy themselves, but yesterday was the end of Freshers' Week, so that probably didn't help. But it was a lovely day and lots of local people did come along and enjoy themselves. Thanks to the Forum for making it happen.

Fiji beat Wales 38–34 in epic World Cup Rugby match.

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