Sunday, 12 August 2007

Walkers, adventurers and recoverers

Last Thursday I went on a day's training at The Lenton Centre about becoming a 'healthy' walks leader. It was an interesting day and I learnt a fair amount about what is expected of a walk leader and, of course, just how good walking is for our general health and wellbeing. Last year, I produced a Dunkirk and Lenton Community Map showing local facilities and places within easy walking distance. I am now working on a revised version for publication in early-2008 which will include some suggested 'Healthy Heritage Walks' which will begin and end at Lenton's very own Crocus Cafe. As part of the training to be a walk leader we were taken on a walk which included both Radford Park and Lenton Recreation Ground. The above picture shows the group of trainee walk leaders with their two trainers (you will have to guess who is what) entering Lenton Recreation Ground. The whole day was very enjoyable and informative in pleasant and interesting company. So, if I continue this blog next year it will probably includes the adventures of a walk leader as well.

Talking of adventures leads onto my next picture of the children in the playground boat. The parents of the children playing gave me permission to take and use a picture of the children who, in their own words, were 'on an adventure to the zoo'. I'm not sure of where their imaginary zoo was located or what animals they expected to see when they arrived, but it was lovely to see children who did not know one another happily going on an adventure in search of a zoo together. I hope the power of imagination never leads them.

The young men are all medical students, so they don't get to have a summer vacation in the same way as other students. This may explain why they were all sitting at a picnic table in the park on mid-Saturday morning, recovering from a fancy dress party or some themed 'event' the night before. If you don't get a break, then, hey, you can at least party. Forty years from now when they are successful brain surgeons, general practitioners or whatever, I hope they remember their days in Lenton and its recreation ground with affection. I hope all their morning afters are as pleasant and enjoyable as this seemed.

My promised mention of Radford Park will have to wait until later in the week, as a friend has just arrived, so cheerio for now.

The Government's proposed new Criminal and Justice Bill, if passed in its present form, will allow courts to imprison sex workers for the first time since 1982.


Rosie said...

The Healthy Walks training sounds great - you will be a great guide.

You will be pleased to know that Paul and I did two walks this weekend. Saturday the red route at Consal Nature Reserve and Sunday right round the lake at Trentham Gardens - I'm afraid after that walk we weren't so health conscious and indulged in coffee and scones at the garden centre.

Robert said...

Thank you Rosie

All good walks should begin after breakfast or lunch and end with tea and cake, a scone or a toasted bun. Somewhere in Bill Bryson's 'Notes from a Small Island' (I loaned my copy once too often years ago)he says he knows no other nation where people still enjoy the simple pleasures of life and going for a walk and looking forward to tea and a toasted bun at the end of it as an example of what he means. Thankfully, I think what he says is still true today.