Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Sisters, powwows and heroes

When I go to the post office or Lorna's, our only independent and long established florist and greengrocer (it's now owned by Angela, but her mum opened the shop over fifty years ago), on Lenton Boulevard I usually do one way via the park, then past the Sikh temple and parish church, and onto the Boulevard. Yesterday afternoon I walked back through the park and saw two sisters whose names when put together remind me of a once famous film star. They have been near neighbours forever. Like me, they probably pass through the park more than they use it, preferring the long way around past the bowling green, rather than beside the Promenade. That is how I met them on this occasion and realised I had yet to take a picture of the them for my project or this blog.

I also saw a group of young people having a powwow in the park who seemed deep in discussion about something, so I decided to take this picture from the path. The detail could be better, but I hope I have caught the spirit of the occasion when I suspect they were oblivious to the world around them. I wonder what they were talking about?

My last picture was taken on Devonshire Promenade where I live. It's a private road which overlooks the park. First I saw the truck and then I watched as the three men skillfully piled more and more furniture and mattresses onto the back of the truck. These guys were craftsmen. I should know, I'm pretty good at packing a shopping trolley, but this was awsome. Susan and I got into 'recycling' early in the 1970s not long after we got together, in the days when the man with a cart or a truck was known as a 'totter' and or a 'rag n' bone man'. The men in the picture are professional heroes and work for Two Hawks Recycling in Sherwood, Nottingham (tel: 0115 985 7024, email: twohawksrecycling@euro1net.com). I hope that recycling is way past the fashionable stage and is now mainstream, but I do find some advocates annoying. Men and firms like Two Hawks Recycling are the modern totters and part of a tradition which I grew up with. My own grandfather recycled anything and everything and one of his best pals was a guy called 'Biffa', they went to school together. It didn't have a name then. We just lived it.

Foot and Mouth outbreak in Surrey causing widespread alarm and an export ban on meat and livestock from England, Scotland and Wales.

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