Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Parklife pictures

Yesterday was a great success. The people turned up and seemed to enjoy themselves despite the day being being windy, cold and overcast, but it didn't rain. Susan and I spent the day on The Lenton Centre stand in the company of Nicci and co from the TLC's 'Activ8 Uth' Project, who were the stars of the day with a never ending queue of children wanting to have their faces painted. I hope the following pictures capture a flavour of the day. I have tried to arrange them in some order from 9am when I snapped the first arrivals from the front of our house to 4.20pm when Activ8 was painting its last face well after Parklife had officially finished. If you were there, why not share your thoughts by sending me a comment.

Which? criticises food industry for using cartoon characters to sell foods with high-sugar, high-fat to children, who use 'pester power' to get what they want.

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Rosie said...

Great photos - looks like you all had a good time - hope your last tea and cakes went well yesterday, too. Weather here was wonderful so guess it was with you too :)

Love to both